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  1. I am a disappointed atheist. I really, really, wish there was even the faintest evidence that there was something beyond the material reality. Sadly there isn’t.
  2. I have an unpronounceable surname.
  3. Asking me to pick a favourite film is almost as bad as asking me to pick a favourite book. My tastes change depending on mood and range from Arsenic & Old Lace, to Edge of Tomorrow, to Layer cake. The one unifying factor is escapism; If I wanted reality I’d be out in the world, not watching movies.
  4. I have long been interested in psychology and counselling, which fuelled my brief tenure in Mental Health. The problem with understanding how the human psyche works is that you recognise how much damage working in Mental Health does… so I got out.
  5. Music. Yes. All of it (excluding rap/country and auto tune)
  6. I write. I write lots. Some of my stuff is mainstream, some is fiction, some is confronting, some is plain crass. To prevent overlap I maintain several online personas.
  7. I can neither roll my tongue nor wiggle my ears.