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Okay, wow isn’t sinking… and SWTOR isn’t all about the romance. What it is can be summed up as Not Wow, Sci-Fi rather than fantasy, and something new with player being more than just a plot tool, as well as a extensive world. I’m moving because wow has served me well, but a relationship that has lasted this long tends to go stale. It didn’t propose, so time for me to move on. On to a game with real voiced characters, massive Lore background, and COMPANIONS. That’s what sold me really, Dragon Age and Mass Effect style companions, sorry Blizzard, don’t slam the door on your way out.

So I’m leaving the Twisting Nether behind (free gold to the first one who talks to my toons and identifies this post) and heading for a place far, far away.

George Lucus may have done what he could to gut the franchise (all hail the far superior Phantom Edit), but not even he could make a Bioware game suck. All I wanted for x-mass was a Mass Effect MMO, and by gods I’ve pretty much gotten it. So goodbye to Wow, you have served my procrastination well… it’s been a steady progress of culling my alts down to 2 servers, and now to have them fall on their swords.

On the plus side there are only 8 classes I have to play through 🙂 On the downside the smuggler looks great on concept, but kinda shoddy on mechanics. IA, JC, and SI for me